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Eliminate risks of water leaks

Water leakage monitoring system

Leader in risk management for your building


A revolutionary sensing solution that detects and alerts you of water leaks

We take to heart all risks of water damage to your buildings, condominiums or homes.

Why AkiSens?

Web Surveillance

AKiCentral is a web application that lets you stay connected with your home. Its dashboard shows alert lists, their location, and defective equipment. Managing several buildings across the planet is possible

Immediate Alerts

Akisens sets off a sound alarm in your home when it detects a water leak and sends owners detailed email and SMS. Akisens also shuts off automatically the main water valve.

Repair Services

We offer technical support by phone or on site at all times! !

Wireless System

Akisens wireless technology requires no battery change before 10 years. Secure Internet network transmits data in real-time to client and AkiCentral.

Wherever you are in the world, AkiCentral web application allows you to manage your properties, condos or homes remotely. Avoid small problems that could turn into significant problems. Manage your risks and you will save a lot of money.

With a strategic risk management planning, you can benefit from better insurance premiums, save on deductible fees and provide a safe and stable environment for co-owners and owners. AkiProtection is ideal for buildings, condominiums, and houses.

Have a 24/7 peace of mind, no worries with us! Our technical support watches over your property. It offers a service tailored to your needs and the needs of the property.

What does the Smart Water Leak Detection System do?

  • While you’re away from home

    Shuts off automatically water main valve.
  • High-performance wireless technology

    Detects leaks and fluids.
  • Secure Internet connection to our Cloud

    Connects all devices independently from your home Internet
  • Sensor (probe) with battery of 3-4 year lifetime

    Provides highly advanced energy saving to maximize battery life.

We are experts in risk management for condo buildings

AkiSens is a company specialized in risk management (for buildings, condominiums, houses). We bring preventive solutions to protect all kinds of properties from water damages on both residential and commercial markets.

We are committed to finding innovative, efficient, economical and profitable solutions for the benefit of our customers. We put constructive and collaborative goals, oriented to the long-term commitment to them. We offer the best product and the best service.

Your peace of mind is priceless. Be protected at all times with your Akisens system.

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Testimonials & Technologies

“AkiSens teams,are risk management experts, and they proved it! All their products and services are of excellent quality. We appreciate their sheer and customized work with us!!!"


Real Estate Manager
“We travel a lot: we have a home in Florida and a cottage in the North. Akisens systems are programmable and accessible via the web!"

Claude K.


Sam B.

Responsible for a condominium building
“We had no water damage since we installed Akisens Systems (after having three water leaks in the past!). Also, we have had 10% discount with our insurer."“

Stats & Facts


water damage avoided by us every month

2 Billion $

claims for water damage (Canada)

Number 1

condominium water leak prevention
(Leader in Risk Management)


condo water leak claims
(50% from pipes)

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