Intelligent risk management platform

A very powerful and intuitive dashboard allowing constant monitoring of system performance. Your building is under control.

  • Manage building portfolio
  • Water damage risk management
  • Reports, Statistics (Data Analysis)
  • Suitable for building owners and managers

Central management

For one or more buildings

You have an overview of your building(s) to manage all your water detection systems. You can see all the alerts and see the proper functioning of the components in real time for a building, or a specific unit. You are in control of your building!



Flow meter

Abnormal water flow detection

With the installation of the flow meter, you will be able to see the water consumption of your unit/property, or your building(s), allowing the detection of abnormal flows caused by possible cracks in the plumbing, located in the walls and ceilings.


Administrative tools for AkiSens certified experts

A powerful tool that can manage installations and services.

Our experts

Risk management

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