Become a certified partner (AkiPro)

An increase in claims related to losses caused by water damage is increasingly present. Demands for the installation of water leak protection systems are increasing. Insurers are interested in limiting their risk of damage, which is very costly. Here are the advantages of the AkiPro program:

  • Competitive margin on the product
  • Installation income and after-sales service
  • Recurring income
  • Small close circle of resellers
  • Sharing of potential customers (leads) related to AkiSens marketing initiatives
  • Technical support to you and your customers 24/7/365
  • Ongoing training and support for your technicians and representatives
  • Marketing support to stimulate demand

AkiPro program


Business opportunity
There are many ways to generate revenue with Akisens. Whether it is the sale of our products, the recurring fee for our Akicentral monitoring platform, or the installation and maintenance of our services.


Increase your sales

Being a certified partner will allow you to realize profitable projects, and from these projects, your customer base will grow and generate new contracts. In addition, annual system maintenance can be performed at the request of the customer, allowing you to generate new service contracts, and revenue. With the Akicentral platform, you benefit from a recurring fee, per system sold.


Unique expertise
By diversifying and expanding your client base, you will be able to develop unique risk management expertise that will increase the value of your business. Our team will provide support, training and documentation, and remain available at all times.


A range of documents will be available such as brochures, technical sheets, PowerPoint presentations, and many other promotional materials. Advertising campaigns will be carried out, or we offer the possibility to customize your company’s campaigns.


Operational simplicity
In order to optimize operations, our quotation management tools are adapted to accelerate implementation, while avoiding costly errors. A management tool is available for your installations and service calls.


Akicentral platform
Akicentral is a very powerful management platform centralizing your customers. At a brief glance, you can see the status of connected buildings and installed components. It is possible to generate reports per unit, as well as for an entire building. Our platform has a log of activities, allowing monitoring by the AkiSens team. To support the management of customer requests, it also includes a purchase order section.


You will benefit from the expertise of our technical team, whether for your users or your technicians. An experienced team will offer you the support you need to guide you in the development of your business, as well as advice on risk management against water damage.


Geographical area

To increase our presence in the North American market and meet the growing demand, we plan to expand our distribution network. In addition, since our main value is product quality and customer service, we attach great importance to our small and closed circle of certified partners.

Become an certified expert

Do you want to become a Akisens certified expert? Send us your information, and we will contact you.