Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – I want to change or add information to my profile on the Akicentral platform. How do I proceed? 

A – Please send the following information to our customer service department at or, contact us by phone at 

1-844-333-7018: 1. First and last name ; 2. Language preference ; 3. Phone and Mobile phone number ; 4. Email address ; 

5. Address and unit number. 


Q – I have general questions about my AkiSens system.
A – Contact us by phone at 1-844-333-7018 or by email at

Q – I received an alert about a water detection and the automatic valve closed. What should I do?
A – Log in to your Akicentral platform, or consult the notification received by text or email, to determine
the cause. Then, gently dry the sensor with a tissue or a dry towel. Once the sensor is dry, press and hold
the “open” button on the controller (left button) for five seconds. Release the button (5 to 20 second
delay before the valve(s) open).

Q – I noticed a small green light flashing on one of my sensors. What should I do?
A – If a green light is flashing on a sensor, this means that the sensor is in alarm. In this case, wipe off the
water detected by the sensor. If this does not work, call us for further assistance.

Q – I am receiving a 24-hour absence notification. What does this mean?
A – After more than 24 hours of absence, the AkiSens system will close your valve(s) and send you a
notification. Upon your return, the motion sensor will recognize your presence and open the water
valve(s) of your unit automatically.

Q – I keep getting a notification about an abnormal water flow. What should I do?
A – In most cases, it may be the flapper of your toilet that is not latching properly. It is important to make
sure that the flapper is properly positioned and closed. If you suspect that it is not the flapper, inspect the
faucets, the garden hose, etc. to ensure that they are all closed. The water flow module is set to 30
minutes of consecutive water use, therefore, make sure not to exceed this time e.g., filling a bath. If you
are unable to find the cause, please contact us for further assistance.
AkiSens – 1-844-333-7018 –

Q – My insurer is requesting a certificate of installation. What should I do?
A – This certificate is available on the AkiCentral platform in your customer profile. If you are unable to
download the certificate, contact us by email or phone and we will provide it to you by email. An insurer
may ask you for an installation certificate, simply to have proof that you are protected by a water
detection system. To obtain a rebate on your insurance premium, the installation certificate is necessary.

Q – What type of batteries are required for the sensor(s)?
A – Depending on the type of sensor, it will require AA or AAA batteries.

Q – I get many notifications labeled “signal loss”, and my water doesn’t seem to be closing. Is this normal
and what should I do?
A – In some cases, a sensor may have a low battery, and this will send a low battery, or signal loss
notification. To rectify the situation, simply replace the batterie(s) inside the sensor. Depending on the
type of sensor, it will require AA or AAA battery(s). Once the batteries have been replaced, if the problem
persists, this sensor may be defective or, there may be some interference in your unit that is preventing
the sensor from communicating with the controller of your unit. If this is the case, we ask that you contact
us so that we can determine the cause remotely or, with a visit from a certified technician.

Q – The water valve closes and opens by itself. What should I do?
A – Contact us to proceed with some verifications to better understand the issue.

Q – Why do I have to pay a recurring fee each month?
A – The monthly fee gives you access to the AkiCentral platform and allows you to get personalized
service remotely. AkiCentral is a way to quickly access information about your system and the
components installed in your unit.

Q – How do I register for the Akicentral platform?
A – Contact our customer service department to update your information so that we can send you a
Welcome email with your access information.

Q – I noticed that there is no sensor installed for the bath. Why is this? And is it possible to install one?
A – Although rare, this type of installation can be done. However, if there is no access hatch, a hatch will
have to be built to install the sensor underneath the bath. This is a case-by-case situation and will require
the agreement of your property management company, and/or union.

Q – The water shuts off once a day for no reason. What should I do?
A – When the controller has not received the status of the motion detector after 24 hours, the system
treats this information as if there is no one in the unit and closes the valve(s). In this case, simply change
the AA battery in your motion detector. Contact us if the problem persists




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