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Water damage is one of the most frequent claims in condominium buildings. Poorly maintained buildings, deficient constructions and changing climatic conditions are the main causes of the sharp increase in this type of claim. This often affects more than one dwelling, and affects both the property of the co-owner, as well as the common and private areas of the building. It often produces significant material damage to the condominium, and the co-owners. May also cause loss of use of the premises.


The following scenario is based on a real event: a water leak occurred in a condominium located on the 10th floor of a building. The owners have been away for more than 8 hours. The water leak spread throughout the lower floors, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. All of this could have been avoided! Following such a disaster, the presence of humidity can also promote the development of mold and be the cause of health problems. If not treated quickly, water damage can also reach the structure of the building. Insurance companies are increasingly reluctant to insure condos. Numerous complaints, aging buildings and plumbing, and lack of periodic maintenance, are just some of the reasons. This increases insurance premiums, deductibles, and could result in a refusal to insure the building. This will force condo owners and syndicate managers to find a new insurer. This last option will prove increasingly difficult.


Thanks to its application flexibility, the water leak detection and prevention system offered by AkiSens, is a simple and effective solution that can be adapted to all types of situations, and all budgets. This is applicable both for the condo units themselves and for the common areas.

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Detect leaks, flooding, water consumption, temperature and humidity, with our advanced risk management solutions.

Bâtiment moderne logeant des condomiums
Passerelle d'AkiCentral


Set up in the building's telecom room to communicate with AkiCentral.

Passerelle intelligente AkiCentral

Smart Controller

Wall-mounted and accessible for proper control of the unit's motorized valve.

Kit de sondes AkiCentral

Sensor & Cable

Install to detect any pool leaks and connect piping.

Kit de sondes AkiCentral

Sensor & Panel

Install underneath the washing machine.

Sonde de plancher AkiCentral


Install behind the toilet.

Sonde de plancher AkiCentral


Install underneath the sink.

Kit de sondes AkiCentral

Sensor & 2 panels

Install to protect the sink, dishwasher and refrigerator.

Passerelle intelligente AkiCentral

Smart Controller

Install on wall to control motorized basement valve.

Kit de fermeture de valve AkiCentral

Motorized valve & waterflow

Installation at the main water entrance.

Kit de sondes AkiCentral

Sensor & cable

Install to protect the water heater.

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