Why AkiSens?

At AkiSens, we offer a global risk management solution to ensure your well-being. With our innovative water damage detection and prevention system, our main objective is your safety, that of your property and your belongings. It is our priority to allow you to reduce the operating costs of your building(s), allow for better insurability and offer you peace of mind. We work in partnership with experts in order to offer our clients unparalleled service. Our solution uses exclusive technology to optimize risk management in a safe and efficient manner, wherever you are. We believe in a better future and that future starts here, at Akisens!

What sets us apart:

  • Our solution offers a turnkey service for risk management.
  • We are a reliable and committed company with a secure and feature-rich platform designed and developed in Canada;
  • AkiCentral is a 100% autonomous web platform that monitors your building(s) simultaneously in real time and on several geolocalizations;
  • No application to download. Our platform is simple to use thanks to its multi-device interface;
  • AkiCentral offers a 24-7-365 monitoring service.

High quality and performance products

The smart system has been developed with top quality products.

Customer service

We offer excellent customer service. We work with our clients


We are an experienced team

Risk management

We guide our clients towards a sound risk management of their properties


  • Quality/Performance
  • Customer service
  • Team
  • Risk management

Stats & Facts


water damage prevention avoided by us every month

$ 2 Billion

claims for water damage (Canada)

Number 1

condominium water leak prevention
(Leader in Risk Management)


condo water leak claims
(50% from pipes)

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