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Water damage is one of the most common claims in condominiums. Poorly maintained buildings, deficient structures and changing climatic conditions, are the primary causes of water damage.

Damage caused by water, often involves more than one dwelling (condominiums) that affects both the common and private areas of the building. It also causes significant damage to condos and of the owners belongings. Sometimes, it can cause more than material damage, like moral damage,  especially when people lose their family souvenirs.

The following scenario is based on a true story: a water leak occurred in a condo on the 10th floor of a building. The owners were absent for more than 8 hours. The water seeped through the walls to the lower floors, causing damages estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars. All this could have been avoided!

Water leaks can cause mold and be the source of many health problems. If not contained, water damages can also reach the structure of the building.

Insurance companies are increasingly reluctant to insure condos: the numerous complaints are aging buildings, deteriorating plumbing and lack of periodic maintenance. These are just a few reasons.

Thanks to its flexible design and application, the AkiSens detection system and water leak prevention, is a simple and an effective solution for both condo units and common areas of the building. It is adaptable to any scenario and any budget.

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